The Sound of Words

by Divine Era

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The Sound of words When I heard the sound of words I was sure I could still survive Being graced with surroundings of life Left behind pursuit of inevitable death shoud'a looked accidental Didn't expect this place to have such humanity to face pain of reality When I heard the sound of words Finally I felt so damn human I will never loose this warmth of pain Fuck living through my mind (Chorus) The sound of words Just to be or not to be... warmth of pain Now I'm reborn At least for now I am nothing You said I could'a died would'a died with nothing I used be the same America gave me a sigh and said "You'll live you won't die with nothing" I knew I got it and somehow always wanted that And finally this place taught me what it is... America... When I heard the sound of words I was sure I could still survive Here is the free country bitch This feeling inside of me naturally selected I embrace so strongly now this fixation of life Been so long since I slit my wrist I wanna see the red breathing This is the last chance the one and only Sadness to rage, Peace to war, Love to hate, Coexistence to control, Affection to violent (Chorus)
Love Song 01:56
Love Song The disgraces of love Envy, deceit, sex, lies, inspiration for inclusiveness Time accelerates pain invariably Why did we start fuckin hating each other The effect of love Been so wishful... your unhappiness Been so wishful... my unhappiness We will encounter each other again This is how we make love fuckin human beings (Chorus) You must love me again... You will not be loved by someone else because how I damage you will take your beauty away Since you don't love me anymore I long to make you miserable (Chorus) Don't you realize you fucking bitch
Regardless of my will Children who learn inverse proportional solution turn numb and emotionless over much time Solitude creates the shelter from too much knowledge Children cut off their dismay in countless disappointments (Chorus) Vague sight, words, relations associating me with these No matter what I'll vanish easily from your minds regardless of my will... Children grow up and realize Nonsense of obedience, shallowness of love, shame of existence Children's emotions aren't lifted up anymore Their hearts are smothered and ruptured bound by awkward world In days of resistance I keep erasing inner pain with physical pain Only murderous emotions and hateful things keep me alive (Chorus) Everybody is the enemy Don't trust their bullshit The rule book is the enemy Find yourself keep yourself I give myself only one more chance My decision, my means, my death Fly free in to the next life (Chorus)
Use Lies 04:25
Use Lies What should I feel when I see pictures that vapid people draw with such insensitivity What should I teach to people with general opinions who thrive within their safety everybody goes down that road I realize I just might look like you guys but we were never the same I keep lying behind my fucking smile Sometimes I loose myself using my surface and innerself to answer my own Contradictory question (Chorus) Use lies... Hide inside my mind Step ahead of you Hide this face of mine Fuck you inside Increase supporters criticize hurtfully don't believe anything anyone but yourself Taking all the unguarded moments but you can't do any of that You have no ambition just stay your fucking shitty life Your life is like a playhouse I'll make you my bitch My dirty eyes which project hate allow me not to appreciate and love people (Chorus) Then here comes the fame What should I feel What should I teach (Chorus)
I'm the fucking jap Hey Die do you know how much other japs fucking hate you? Hey Die you yellow monkey natural born fake Why am I tired of hating people who got the same skin? Why am I tired of trying to follow hero's footprints? How bad do I want respect? You're all dirty pests (chorus) I'm yellow The fucking jap Like I give a shit Don't bother me dead memories I'm not proud of what I've done Can't you see in a mirror? What's the difference between you and me? tell me Go back to your country It's over you can't take this Yeah right keep telling bullshit You guys will never get respect (Chorus) Has anything I've done made me feel better? I keep screaming the significance of being Why am I tired of hating people who got the same skin? "When opportunity knocks" they say I say "I don't wait" I look down on you like you never notice (Chorus) Fuck...your kindness it is massproduced day you will realize this shit Fuck...your kindness it is massproduced Society... Don't fuck with me I... I am the special yellow monkey You... you know what the fuckin jap is? (Chorus) (Chorus)
One last kiss "I don't know..." How many times will I say that? "One day I will know but I won't be able to tell" I'm just gonna feel it (Chorus) My buddy called me and he goes "I'm gonna kill myself" "How long you been taking drugs?" "20 years" "Can you really kill someone that you don't know" I hung up Vicious cycles of silence atrophy me within Feeding myself words to escape words encountering circles of pain We use the same steps to make sense of these endless circles I'm tired of this shit (Chorus) My buddy called me and he goes "I'm gonna kill myself" "My thoughts spinning out of control that fucks me up" "I can't begin to deal with this shit anymore" with loaded bullets he said "Despite what spirits wear they won't reveal themselves Even though you find the words through trial and error You can't describe the beauty of a moment" Death is waiting...Emancipation of vicious circles Six feet under... Nothing can follow me If I don't wake... These damaged emotions disappear If I don't wake... My tears will dry up (Chorus) My buddy called me and he goes "Thanks I gotta go" Fabricated these calls in his mind for 20 years One last kiss with the needle darling heroine "A failure I always will be" He shot himself
Coincidence 03:43


The title track used in the globally distributed blockbuster-hit video game “TONY HAWK’S PROVING GROUND” (Xbox/Playstation).


released November 21, 2007

All the music and lyrics written by Daisuke (Dai) Wachi
Drums played by Pepe Clarke from Kyng and ex Ankla
Mixed by Dean Dichoso
Mastered by Brian Carlstrom
Art Work by Chris Yanson
Gang Vox by Shootie HG from Hostile Groove, Greg Harrison from P.D.P and ex Hed Pe, Aaron Nordstrom from Gemini Syndrome and William Peebles


all rights reserved



Divine Era Los Angeles, California

One Man Groove Metal

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